What We Do

We facilitate the exchange of business thanks to the collaboration agreements with the following institutions

  • Bank Muscat

    And 'the leading bank in Oman and' our partner for the business match-making between the Italian entrepreneurs and potential partners Omanis. Supports us in finding new clients and investors interested in companies in our community and provides us with a room dedicated to B2B meetings between our client companies and their division “Private”.

  • PIndustrial Estates Public Establishment PEIE

    It provides information on all their tenants, putting us in touch with them directly if there are partners or entrepreneurs interested in our companies

  • Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    And 'the Oman Chamber of Commerce and work with us for this activity' matching with Italian entrepreneurs interested in meeting with potential partners in the country. It provides institutional support and, thanks to COORDINATION by Easy Business, April 21, 2013 signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turin.

Profiling (support)

We support our clients in putting together all the information needed to efficiently and effectively present their activities and their company, such as company profile in English and a supplementary dossier on products or production.

An initial market investigation

We offer the chance 'to make an initial market survey to assess the potentiality of the' activities of the Italian market Oman. During this phase, we provide a general introduction to the Italian customer of the country, accompanied by relevant statistical data in order to explain the bilateral exchange between Italy and Oman, data import and export, the increase in mutual trade and more.

Accompanying an exploratory visit

We support our potential customers in the country. We offer them the opportunity 'to explore the country through a visit intended as a first step for the world and its Omani relations system. Goal for our clients: have a concrete idea and reality directly Oman.

The contract of internationalization

We offer the opportunity to Italian SMEs' internationalization to sign a contract with Easy Business, for a period of one year. The contract 'to ensure assistance to Italian entrepreneurs who want to open up the markets of the Middle East and start a new business in Oman, helping them at all stages of their career development:

- Organization of personalized agenda with local partners profiles
- Sales and Distribution Product Made In Italy
- Assistance during the negotiations
- Search for a partner / investor in Oman
- Relocation Company in Oman
- legal and tax assistance